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Ruby Documentation

General information about Ruby

Programming Ruby

A great introduction to Ruby for people who are already programmers. This is the free online version of a real book; the first Ruby book in English, in fact. It is known affectionately as "The Pickaxe" after the image on its cover. The default link above contains a table of contents and an index in side frames. If you can't or don't want to view frames, the other link is available.

Classes, Objects, and Variables
Containers, Blocks, and Iterators
Standard Types
More About Methods
Exceptions, Catch, and Throw
Basic Input and Output
Threads and Processes
When Trouble Strikes
Ruby and Its World
Ruby and the Web
Ruby Tk
Ruby and Microsoft Windows
Extending Ruby
The Ruby Language
Classes and Objects
Locking Ruby in the Safe
Reflection, ObjectSpace, and Distributed Ruby
Built-in Classes and Methods
Standard Library
Object-Oriented Design Libraries
Network and Web Libraries
Microsoft Windows Support
Embedded Documentation
Interactive Ruby Shell

Ruby User's Guide

Translated from the Japanese (by Yukihiro Matsumoto) by Goto Kentaro and Mark Slagell.
 1.What is ruby? 15. Access control
 2.Getting Started 16. Singleton methods
 3.Simple examples 17. Modules
 4.Strings 18. Procedure objects
 5.Regular expressions 19. Variables
 6.Arrays 20. Global variables
 7.Back to the simple examples 21. Instance variables
 8.Control structures 22. Local variables
 9.Iterators 23. Class constants
10.Object-oriented thinking 24. Exception processing: rescue
11.Methods 25. Exception processing: ensure
12.Classes 26. Accessors
13.Inheritance 27. Object initialization
14.Redefinition of methods 28. Nuts and bolts

Reference Manual

Now a little out of date (it covers version 1.4 of the language), it remains a good reference.


Ruby FAQ

This is an old copy, because the new FAQ (here) cannot yet be represented in a single file. However, the content is similar and useful. Check the link for updates.

comp.lang.ruby FAQ

This brief document covers guidelines for posting to the comp.lang.ruby newsgroup and the ruby-talk mailing list (which are effectively the same thing). It is maintained by Hal Fulton.

Things that Newcomers to Ruby Should Know

A list of traps for young players, compiled by Bill Tjokroaminata.

Introduction to Ruby

A very introductory tutorial by Daniel Carrera. Suitable especially for those with little prior knowledge of programming. It is incomplete, but contains enough juice to quench a beginner's thirst.
  1. The Basics
    1. First steps
    2. Strings
    3. New names for old things
    4. Variables
    5. Writing programs
    6. Good programming techniques

  2. Flow Control
    1. Loops
    2. Getting user input
    3. Conditionals
    4. While loops

  3. More structures
    1. Arrays
    2. Iterators
    3. Hashes

  4. Method Index






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